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{Buffy The Vampire Slayer}

...I have always felt a strange almost
Euphoria-enducing affecton for
Those whos lives I am about to end....
....Spilled blood lapped in coppery tonguefulls...
Do you understand that you've become what you pretend to be?
You have no strength
To break your bonds.
Empty Promises.....
The pervect silver shaft
The point glittering
like the eviscerating tongue of some Aztec God.
There are those who believe I never see
The real sky
But they are wrong.
Venus and her entourage:
Pulse and blaze
Pain and blow....
One broils with ocher-lined thunderbolts...
Thin tendrils of late sun
Delicate amber kadzu that creeps among clouds
So ethereal they might harbor angels.........
......When the desert sun begins to rise
and your dead flesh starts to scorch......
......I hear the savage music of your screams.........
by ~*Rain~* Copyright 2003, All rights Reserved.